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Al-Furqan School Part-Time Programs in After-Abraar, East and West


Please check this homework website to learn what is happening in your child's classroom Insha Allah and any urgent school closures notices, events and updates.

Pizza Nights (East & West) & Fatayer Time (After-Abraar)

We're holding our first session school fun events - our pizza night for East and West, and Fatayer day for After-Abraar In sha Allah as follows:

East - Oct 28th $5 Combo of Cheese Pizza Slice with Chips bag and Juice box

West - Oct 31 $5 Combo of Cheese Pizza Slice with Chips bag and Juice box

After Abraar - Oct 30th $ 5 Combo of Meat Fatayer OR Cheese Fatayer and Juice box

Remind students to please register online at


and bring the payment in cash to the teacher Insha Allah.


1) Teachers will collect the money in exact CASH ONLY next week.

2) parents please fill in the form online separately for each student and give the money to their teacher.

3) Please mark the student as paid and signed up when they you give the cash payment.

4) Last day for orders is October 24th for sign-up online AND payment in person to the child's teacher.

5) Pizza nights or fatayer days are OPTIONAL and EXTRA COST activities. There are still regular classes for students.

6) We will give you the names of the students and envelopes this week Insha Allah.

School Safety Reminders:

Please note the following school safety updates:

1) Pick-up Times Reminder

After-Abraar pick-up is 5:00 pm sharp. Students whose parents are late for pick-up due to any urgent emergency situation may stay with the teacher till 5:15 pm, however at 5:15 pm the students will be transferred to the extra cost Abraar School After program.

West and East pick-up times are 8:00 pm sharp. In case of unexpected emergency situation that parents are late, students will stay with the teacher or Principal till 8:15 pm or pick-up - late charges may apply for repeated late pick-ups by the same parents.

2) School Zone drive at city's posted speed limit

- Please plan ahead so you can drive at the limit in our school zones.

- speeding in school zones will disturb the residents and school neighbors

3) Parking legally in designated parking spots only

Please ensure you are parked in designated parking spots at each location, especially at 2525 Alta Vista in the East program. Illegally parked cars may be subject to towing by the city.

4) Students Safety Around School

Please watch out for students especially in the parking lots with traffic. When you pick-up your children please proceed to go home directly, and do not socialize in the school parking lot.

We appreciate your attention to these matters urgently.

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To view the School Calendar please click above.

Resource for Online Quran Review: KSU Quran and House of Quran or Muqri https://en.muqri.com/

YouTube Resources for Quran Practice:

Juz 28 https://youtu.be/_Kzsf_YZ4e0

Juz 29 https://youtu.be/dALqc54jkUE

Juz 30 https://youtu.be/9FYYm0UNfJk

Nooraniya https://youtu.be/eQAKkZiR4wM?list=PLBFL7-zYVt8WpA1c4EprdlLOMcu9arE7D