West Level 3

Tr. Lamiaa

My Agenda lamiaa(west).docx

Note: Tr. Lamiaa will be away for the duration of Jan 28 to Feb 28, 2019 and Tr. Eman will be the teacher covering Hifdh and Tafseer in the duration.

My Agenda

Teacher Name: Lamiaa Morsy

Jan 7 - 10

Memorize Surah Name At-Takwir

Ayat Numbers 1-20

Test on (Date, Surah, Ayat Numbers) Abasa,1-42, Jan 15

Jan 14 - 17

Memorize Surah Name At-Takwir

Ayat Numbers 21-29

Test on (Date, Surah, Ayat Numbers) At-Takwir, 1-29,Jan25


My Agenda

Teacher: Lamiaa Morsy Date: Oct23, 2018

Level: 3

Asalmoslikom dear respected parents,

My name is Lamiaa, I am Quran teacher for level 3 at Al-Furqan School, I hope all of you in a good health and Iman, it is my honor to teach your kids in level 3 and I hope that we work together to achieve the best results.

I want to inform you that our Quran curriculum is memorizing from Surat Al-Naba until Surat Al-Ghashiah.

We already finished Surat Al-Naba, Surat Al-Nazea’at, and we started Surat Abasa, we will take 5 Ayat or more each time according to the students’ ability.

Regarding to Nourania, we finished the book last year and we are reviewing it again with applying Tajweed rules. We are in lesson 14 and will finish before winter break Insha Allah .

Please keep this note and refer to it so you can follow up with your child’s progress.

Jazakum Allah Khayran for your continuous cooperation, support and understanding.

Notice: Please refrain from packing any foods that may cause allergic reactions