East Level 6

Tr. Ihab

Teacher: Ihab Darwaish

Level: 6

Assalmu alaikum dear respected parents/guardians,

My name is Ihab Darwaish, I am the Quran teacher for level 6 at

Al-Furqan School - East, I hope all of you in a good health and Iman, it is my honor to teach

your kids in level 6 and I hope that we work together to achieve the best


I want to inform you that our Quran curriculum is memorizing

from Surat Al-Mujadilah until Surat At-Talaq.

(We might have it up to the end of the Juz’ – Surat Al-Tahrim) then go back to review

the Juz’ starting from Surat Al- Mujadilah.

By the end of March, we will be at the end of Surat Al-Munafiqun, and then inshaa Allah we will start Surat Al-Taghabun, we are taking 7 lines each class (one page per week) of course depending on the students’ abilities and progress.

Please keep this note and refer to it so you can follow up with

your child’s progress.

Notice: Please send me your feedback, and any notes especially as we are using distance learning now."

Tr. Ihab

Level &

Location: 6 E