East Level 5

Tr. Zahira


Please check the homework for the year above in the long range plan.

My Agenda

Teacher: Zahira

Level: 5 W

Asalmoalikom dear respected parents,

My name is Zahira El Sayed, I am Quran teacher for level 5 at Al-Furqan School in the East, West and After-Abraar locations and I also teach Level 6 in the West location. I hope all of you are in a good health and Iman, it is my honor to teach your kids and I hope that we work together to achieve the best results.

I want to inform you that our Quran curriculum is memorizing for level 5 is

1) Al-Nooraniya review by reading last 10 Surah in Juz 30

2) Surat Al Taghabun, Surah Al Talaq, At Tahreem, Surat Al MUlk, Al-Qalam, Al-Maarij, Surat Al Haqqah

Week 1: Surah Tagahbun # 1-4

Week 2: Surah Tagahbun # 5-8

Jazakum Allah Khayran for your continuous cooperation, support and understanding.

Notice: Please refrain from packing any foods that may cause allergic reactions.