East Level 1

Tr. Saliha

Ramadan Mubarak - special times for Ramadan:

Level 1 East

3-5 PM every Monday & Wednesday

and I am using whats app and google-hangout app as usual

Teacher Saliha Mahmoud

For Distance Learning, Level 1 E is using the WhatsApp group as a means to share homework and allow the teacher to listen to sound recording sent directly to the teacher in Furqan class times for feedback. You can join below.

Class Whatsapp Link https://chat.whatsapp.com/FmaOOiaZbpsL3THNGTu9nx

Level : 1E

Teacher Saliha

The homework is posted below:

Saliha Mar2020 L1E.docx
Tr Saliha Agenda.docx