After-Abraar Level 2

Tr. Afaf

Update April 16, 2019

Asalamu Alikum,

Here's the homework for the three following weeks for all of the level 2 classes

April 15-18: surat Az Zalalah (1-8) and Noorania lesson 16

April 22-25: Surat Al Adiyat (1-11) and test for surat Az Zalalah

April 22-25: Surat Al Gashiyah (1-16) and test in Noorania for lesson 16

April 15-18: Test for the Quran competition to pick the three students from every class who will move on to the finals


Update March 5, 2019

Aslamu Alikum,

Feb 25-28: Surat Al Alaq (1-10), Noorania lesson 14, Test: Feb 25/26 on surat At Tin (1-8)

Mar 4-7: Surat Al Alaq (11-19), Nooranaia lesson 14

Mar 18-21: Surat Al Qadr (1-5), Noorania lesson 15, Test: Mar 18/19 on surat Al Alaq (1-19)

Mar 25-28: Surat Al Bayyinah (1-5), Noorania lesson 15, Test: Mar 25/26 on surat Al Qadr (1-5)

April 1-4: Surat Al Bayyinah (6-8), Noorania lesson 16, Test: April 1/2/3/4 on Noorania lessons 14 and 15

April 8-11: Surat Az Zalzalah (1-8), Noorania lesson 16, Test: April 8/9 on surat Al Bayyinah (1-8)

Update Feb 19:

Aslamu Alikum,

Inshallah for this month, students will be tested and marked in surat At Tin and we will be memorizing surat Al Alaq. We will be taking lesson 13 from An Noorania.


Tr. Afaf

My Agenda - JAN 2019

Teacher: Afaf Hasen

Level & Location: 2AA, 2W, 2E

Memorizing: Surahs Ad Duha, Ash Sharah and At Tin

please note that we will start by taking 3 ayahs every class

Student Review: Surat Ash Shams and surat Al Layl

Noorania lesson 11

Test: On January 14 and 15 students will be tested in surat Ad Duha

On January 21 and 22 students will be tested in lesson 11 from Noorania

My Agenda

Asalamu Alikum,

This is the agenda for all level 2 classes for the weeks of December

Quran: We started Surat Ash Shams from ayah 1 to 15. On Dec 17 and 18, students will be asked to recite the whole surah for marks.

We started Surat Al Layl from ayah 1 to 21. Students will be tested for the whole surah after the winter break.

Noorania: We started lessons 10 and 11 from the noorania book. After the winter brake, students will have a test for lessons 9 and 11. Parents are asked to please review the following lessons with their kids.

Note for level 2E: We will have a class party on Wednesday, December 19

Note for 2AA and 2W: We will have a class party on Thursday, December 20

Teacher: Afaf Hasen

Date: Nov 1, 2018

Level: 2AA

Asalmoslikom dear respected parents,

My name is Afaf, I am Quran teacher for level 2 at Al-Furqan School, I hope all of you in a good health and Iman, it is my honor to teach your kids in level 2 and I hope that we work together to achieve the best results.

I want to inform you that our Quran curriculum is memorizing from Surat Al Adiyat to Al Ghashiya .

We are working on Surat Al-Fajr, and will work on Surah Al-Balad next insha Allah.

Regarding to Nourania, we are working on lessons 1 to 11.

Please keep this note and refer to it so you can follow up with your child’s progress.

Jazakum Allah Khayran for your continuous cooperation, support and understanding.

Notice: Please refrain from packing any foods that may cause allergic reactions.